Best short animation for "Smoky" 2D hand drawn animation in Tabriz University film festival.
Tebriz Üniversitesi tarafından verilen En İyi Kısa Animasyon ödülünü "Smoky" kazandı.

 جایزه بهترین انیمیشن جشنواره فیلم کوتاه دانشگاه سراسری تبریز.
The second prizes for "The Belief" short animation from "Ruhollah" Film festivals of Iran. 25/May/2016

/// The second prizes for "The Belief" short animation from "Ruhollah" Film festivals of Iran. 25/May/2016
/// "The Belief" kısa animasyonu İran "Ruhollah" film festivalinden ikincilik ödülüne layık görüldü.

اینبار کسب مقام دوم جشنواره ی "روح الله "- اصفهان برای انیمیشن کوتاه "باور"- 5 خرداد 95.

Best director award for "The Belief" short animation from "Aflakiyan" Film festivals of Iran.

"The Belief" kısa animasyonu İran "Aflakiyan" Film Festivali'nde En İyi Yönetmen ödülüne layık görüldü.

کسب عنوان بهترین کارگردانی برای انیمیشن باور در جشنواره ی افلاکیان میانه .
Today morning I received an envelope award from England which made my day. The Belief won the Audience Award for best animation in the Purbeck Shorts Competition.
Bu sabah İngiltere'den beni çok mutlu eden bir ödül haberi elime ulaştı. "The Belief" Purbeck Film Festivali'nde En İyi Animasyon dalında seyirci ödülüne layık görüldü.

امروز نامه ای از انگلستان بدستم رسید که محتویاتش حالم رو بهتر کرد و همچنین "باور" از طرف مخاطبان و بینندگان بهترین انیمیشن کوتاه جشنواره "پوربک" انگلستان رو به خود اختصاص داد.
- Special Jury Forum Trentino for Peace and Human Rights from 18th Religion Today Film 

گل نقره ای تندیس جشنواره رلیجن تو دی (دین امروز) کشور ایتالیا بعنوان بهترین انیمیشن جشنواره به انتخاب تماشاگران جایزه صلح و حقوق انسانی رو از آن خودش کرد.

My Animation and Rating 8/10 

The Belief: Depicting the the tragedies of war with meaningful symbology

The Belief, an animated film by Amir Vahedi, explores the sudden and enduring violence of war – from the perspective of a pair of army boots. These are not ordinary boots. Director Amir Vahedi infuses them with a human sympathy that is difficult to describe without the imagery itself ...

My first Z brush sculpting as a test - well it is just beginning so I would like to hear and get to know Friends ideas, who are working in Z brush about my work. I worked almost 9 hours on it and mostly testing brush tools and learning the Software. 
Z Brush - Sculpting
 I made this one for a friend of mine. high is about 18cm.  
Sleeping Kuala

My Neighbor Shark animation series is in 3D technique with funny and comic theme. All events happen in a tiny island among the ocean with main 8 characters. This animation is a non-verbal animated cartoon series which is producing by FIRFIRA animation studio team. 
More information at :

Magical Glasses

"Magical Glasses" is a 2D-Cutout Technique which has finished in early 2013. Magical Glasses is a 'Cutout' animated cartoon series which produced by FIRFIRA Animation Studio. It is in 13 episodes which per episode run for 7 minutes. I was working in this project as:
I was working in this project as:
                                                           +  Director & Art Director
                                                           +  Supervisor (animate, composite and etc.)
                                                           +  Designing (characters, back ground, poster and etc.)
                                                           +  Coloring 
My Second Woodcarving work from walnut - Design by Yaghub Ebrahimpour
Woodcarving - Table
My first woodcarving work as a wooden clock
Lion couple
Coal on paper -100X70
Old oil Lamp
Coal on paper - 80X32
Old barn in Tabriz
sketching by pen - 50X30

Ark-e Ali-shah in Tabriz - South Azerbaijan
 Water ink - 30X21